"Dueling Dragons Double Blade Fantasy Spear"
  • "Dueling Dragons Double Blade Fantasy Spear"
  • "Double Dragon Spear"

Dueling Dragons Double Blade Fantasy Spear

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Overall Length:48.5"

Blade Length: 13" Blade.

Blade Type: Non Sharp Decorative

All Black Stainless Steel Blade, Metal Handle.

Can easily disassemble to 2 spears.

More about: Dueling Dragons Double Blade Fantasy Spear

Dueling Dragons Double Blade Fantasy Spear is a very cool and amazing spear in which you have a double-headed spear apart you have two short spears. They screw together. This  Double Dragon Spear’s overall length is 48 inches and the blade length is 13 inches. Apart from that, there are two spears. It does have a nice edge not razor sharp but sharp enough to cut. It is fierce, featuring two 13" fantasy-style blades with razor-sharp edges. The shaft can be separated to give you two independent smaller spears or kept together at its full length of 48.5". The all-black stainless steel blade along metal handle construction has a black finish with silver-tone accents for a unique, two-tone approach. This superb dragon spear can easily be disassembled to 2 spears.You may also like to have the amazing Double Dragon Fantasy Sword of our Fantasy Swords Collection.

Absolutely Stunning!!:

This sword is so awesome and amazing!! I want to say that the Double Dragon Spear looks absolutely stunning. Definitely I would recommend for this sword and would buy one again. Thank you so much!!

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