"Practical Knightly Sword"
  • "Practical Knightly Sword"
  • "Practical Knightly Sword replica"

Practical Knightly Sword

Delivered within 6-8 days!
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Overall length 41"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Comes with leather sheath

With free display stand

More about: Practical Knightly Sword

The Practical Knightly Sword is placed as a precisely styled sword in our collection has a total length of about 41” .It is a straight weapon with a single-handed hilt, with a totally restrained, un-pointed, and un-edged blade. This weapon is drafted to resist rough use while giving the level of invulnerability required by replica companies. The blade is designed from high-carbon steel, perfectly forged, which decreases edge-notching to acceptable levels while providing flexibility and protection and safety against frailty. This Sword has wide edges and bowed tips for safety. The blade has a sheath for covering along with a leather-covered hardwood grip which provides good handling essence for users. The sheath is manufactured in glass-filled resin to wipe-out inflammation and diminish rust problems. This amazing sword comes along a free stand for display purposes. You can also buy our Medieval Archers Sword offered at an exciting new price.

Great Product!:

Ordered this knightly sword for an event and it came promptly and looked nice! My parents were very impressed and I intended on keeping it myself but seems like they took ownership! lol Very good product!!

Comfortable Sword:

The Sword is very comfortable to use for a long time.

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