"Ichigo Bankai Sword"
  • "Ichigo Bankai Sword"
  • "Ichigo Bankai Sword Wooden"

Ichigo Bankai Sword Wooden

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Overall Length: 42"

Blade Length: 30"

Solid Black Wood Construction

Black Chain at Hilt

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The Ichigo Bankai Sword Wooden also is known as the Tensa Bankai consists of a special katana with a black blade, a handguard in the shape of the manji, which is the kanji for "ban" (full), and a short broken chain dangling as the blades tassel and replacing the cloth from its released (Zangetsu) form The 30’’ blade is made out of wood and has a solid black liquid finish that gives it the black blade. The tensa Bankai measures an overall length of about 42’’ that is perfectly constructed with solid black wood. The Guard is made out of plastic and has a black liquid finish. This wooden bokken is great for Cosplay and very affordable. Comes along a black chain attached with the hilt giving it an amazing sense of style. You can also grab one of the other swords like the Zabuza Sword from the Anime Series.