"Hylian Shield"
  • "Hylian Shield"
  • Link's Hylian Shield Replica for cosplyers
  • Hylian Shield is protective tool
  • hylian shield from LOZ
  • well crafted Hylian Shield
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Hylian Shield Replica

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Overall Length: 25”

Weight: 2.84KG

Overall Width at Top: 19”

Comes With Wall Hanger

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The Link’s Hylian Shield Replica is one of the reputable and protective tools that appeared in The Legend Of Zelda video game series. The Hylians are people having pointed ears in order to hear messages from the Gods and considered spiritual in their acts of worship in Hylia. The Hylian used this Hylian shield in all fights and journeys. This shield measures an overall length of about 25 inches, with the top overall width of about 19 inches. The metal carved shield yields the great symbol of Hylian Crest and the Triforce on it, weighing 2.27 kg This Zelda The Hylian shield has a handhold on the back that is utilized for holding both the hands, the strap it is manageable to put it on the arm. It provides great ease of comfort to lift and used for guarding. This amazing shield clutches two heavy swords at the same time. This is a great ornamental piece for decor and display. If you are interested in other replicas of the Zelda movie, you can also buy like Botw Hylian Shield Dark.

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Best Costume!!!::

We bought this Hylian shield for my son's Link costume for Halloween. This shield is better than I could have imagined. It is exactly as the image shows with amazing detail. It feels appropriately heavy for a metal shield, which makes it feel so authentic. It truly is a work of art that makes the cost very fair for such a high-quality item. I would highly recommend this shield for link's fans and future items as well.

I'm very happy with it!:

I got this for my son's Link costume. It is awesome!. I'm very happy with it!This shield is nice.Goes perfectly with my son’s foam master sword. The design is fine.

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