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Bloodrayne Sword



Hand Grip: 8"

Free Mild leather Sheath

Adjustable Leather Arm Band

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Weight: 1.16 KG

More About: Bloodrayne Sword 

The  Bloodrayne Sword is a 36 inches weapon, wielded by Rayne, who was a half-human and half-vampire agent brought up, raised, and trained by a secret agency to capture the supernatural forces around the world. It features a non sharpen and a decorative blade that is forged to perfection. As the name implies, this sword is the most powerful sword in the great Bloodrayne video game series, bearing an amazing blade. The weight of the sword is 1.16 KG. This product has an 8” handgrip having an adjustable leather armband that comes along a firm and customizable leather sheath. If you can buy it place your order. Our store also sells the Arm Blade Replica.

Master Piece!!!:

Perfect for me. Love this Bloodrayne sword. Shipping was fantastic and well packaged with a beautiful cover. I'll give the 5 stars of the product material. it is a masterpiece. I would order future products from this shop.

well performance:

I love this sword! It is so sharp and sturdy. My husband cut up raw meat to freeze, and it was so easy for him. I usually hate cutting pineapple.Product performs well.

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