Glamdring The Gandalf Sword
  • Glamdring The Gandalf Sword
  • Glamdring The Gandalf Sword
  • Glamdring The Gandalf Sword
  • Glamdring The Gandalf Sword
  • Glamdring The Gandalf Sword

Blue Glamdring The Gandalf Sword

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  • Overall Length: 47 - 5/8"
  • Blade Length: 36"
  • Blade Thickness: 1/4"
  • Blade Type: Non Sharp Decorative stainless steel.
  • With free wodden scaberd
  • Comes with Wall Plaque

More about: Blue Glamdring The Gandalf Sword:

The Sword of Gandalf namely The Great Glamdring in Lord of the Rings is an ancient and magical sword carried by Gandalf the White, who was an elderly but powerful wizard to Frodo Baggins who helped him in the mission of getting the ring fellowship. This magical sword induces an overall length of about 47 - 5/8” along with the non-sharpen stainless steel blade of 1/4" thickness. This amazing sword is perfectly forged with beautiful inscriptions and very detailed craftsmanship. This officially licensed replica comes along with the firm leather handle grip and hard wooden wall plaque for a great superlative display.

Best Cosplay!!!:

What an amazing product.Great Glamdring sword! This is a really great quality sword that I use for Cosplay. It has a strong handle and the working of the blade is very well. I m happy with my purchase. My friend has had it for 1 year now and it's still not dead.

Great Work!!:

Wonderful Gandalf Sword!! The engraving was perfect it was exactly how I hoped it would be! Going to buy another sword! It’s incredibly real and such good quality! I can’t wait to give it as a gift. :) Thank you for being so professional! Amazing work!! Thank you. Definitely worth the price.

Unbelievably Beautiful!!!:

There are no words for how incredible this Glamdring The Gandalf Sword is honestly. Quality work, Well Packaged!! unbelievably Beautiful!!! Do not hesitate to buy from this shop. I received exactly what I thought I purchased! Going to buy another sword! Thank you for being so professional!


The sword is AWESOME! A great weight, perfect shape, runes look AMAZING, and it is safe for renaissance faires since it isn't a true blade. Easily gripped on the leather wrap.

Nice piece!!:

Have not used it to open letters but it appears to be a nice piece. Sword slides into sheath with no issues, piece seems sturdy overall.

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