Sword of Achilles
  • Sword of Achilles

Sword of Achilles



  • Overall length of 31 1/2"
  • Weight:1.33KG
  • with a 24" blade. stainless steel blade
  • Blade Type: Non Sharp Decorative
  • Features exact guards
  • The Swords of Achilles include a sword plaque
  • with free custom leather sheath

More about: Sword of Achilles
The Sword of Achilles is featured in the famous movie "Troy". Achilles,one of the most mythological and mightiest heroes,was the son of the mortal Peleus and Nereid Thetis who  were extraordinarily fearless and skilled soldiers and  fought in the Trojan War. The Achilles  died due to a poisoned arrow shot in the heel.This amazing double edged Sword measures an overall length of about 31 1/2" with unsharpened edges, weighing 1.33 kg that comes with  an ease to handle it .It is featured with a high quality stainless steel blade with a non sharpen type material which is 24 inches in length.The handle is firmly equipped with cast metal of beautiful jewels finishing.This Achilles sword comes along a free beautiful stand for display and a superb leather sheath for extra protection.