Movie Replica Swords

Holding your favorite character weapon is the feeling that can only be bought by a Sword lover. Swords Planet offers the best high-quality range of Popular Replicas Swords from iconic movies. High-quality stainless steel material is used in these Famous Movie Swords with having a detailed and perfectly forged blade. We are offering a High-Quality Sword of Lord of the rings, 300 Movie swords, Robin Hood, and Dirilis Ertugrul Swords. Each sword is made in such the finest way that it has a 100% resemblance to the original one. Each product is highly durable. Each Movie Replica Swords are made in keeping in mind of some great character and some magnificent Movie Sword. If you want a sword that will remind you of a brave warrior with his Glorious sword then you are the right place. Our swords are manufactured in such a way that as anybody holds it in his hand it feels like his historical character due to the resemblance of swords.

Movie Replica Swords

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Klingon Bat'leth

4 Review(s)
Price $155.60


Overall Length: 48"

Blade Material: Stainless Steel


Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Handle Material: Leather Wrapped

Handle: Padded

Comes with Display Stand

Ertugrul Sword Replica

3 Review(s)
Price $161.00


 Overall Length 35"

 Blade length: 30"

 The blade is Unsharpened.

 High-Quality Stainless Steel.

 Brass Handle.

 Leather Scabbard.

 Wooden Display Stand.

Turgut Axe

0 Review(s)
Price $169.00


Overall Length: 30.75”

Handle Length: 23.00”

Blade Length: 7.75”

Handle Material: Wood

Blade Material: Carbon

Comes with Faux Leather Sheath