Klingon Bat'leth
  • Klingon Bat'leth
  • Klingon Bat'leth
  • Klingon Bat'leth

Klingon Bat'leth

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  • Overall Length: 48"
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight:2.29KG
  • Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative
  • Handle Material: Leather Wrapped
  • Handle: Padded
  • Comes with Display Stand

More about: Klingon Bat'leth:

The Klingon Bat'leth, famously known as the ("sword of honor") is an ancient warrior Klingon’s two-handed melee weapon, featured in the popular Star Trek series. The Bat’leth was first forged by Kahless, who dropped his hair’s lock into the great  Kristak volcano in the 9th century, then shaped it, cooled it in the Lake of Lursor and killed Molor with a weapon which was named as the great “Sword of Kahless”.This Star Trek Bat’leth is greatly favored and held for generations and preferred over disruptors, however the warrior Worf preferred the Mek'leth weapon. This hybrid-edged weapon is a double-sided hook sword having a curve blade, four points, and three handholds on the back of the sword were designed and created by Star Trek. This batholith measures an overall length of about 48 inches weighing 2.29 kg. It features a non sharpen and decorative type blade equipped with high-quality stainless steel. It incorporates a padded handle that has a fine leather wrapping material. This comes along a stand for display.


Speechless Product!!:

I'm speechless. I've been looking for a proper Klingon bat'leth for years. This one is absolutely perfect - it's size, shape, and weighting are spot on. The blade is manufactured well, and the leather grips are of excellent quality. The base is fantastic too - sturdy and stylish. I'm proud to own one of these! .THIS IS THE REAL DEAL

Perfect Weight!!:

This Klingon Bat'Leth is a great and balanced sword. The weight is perfect for a controlled swing. It comes non-sharpened so it's safe to use. it was a great addition to my sword collection. I have purchased nearly 50 weapons online and one of the best low priced items I've received.this is the best gift for their fans. I absolutely recommend this.

Well Decor!!:

This is awesome ! It is real heavy metal, and it sharp. I am very pleased.It works great as wall decor. the money it’s actually pretty decent.

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