• Staff of Saruman White
  • Staff of Saruman White
  • Staff of Saruman White

Staff of Saruman White



  • Overall Length: 76-1/8"
  • Weight:1.07KG
  • Solid Metal Shaft - Black Lacquered Finish
  • Crown cradles a leaded glass crystal ball with frosted etchings
  • Antiqued iron finished wall mount with embossed designs
  • With free wall plaqye for display

More about: Staff of Saruman White

The Staff of Saruman White is a firm, solid metal shaft with an overall length of 76-1/8 inducing the two pieces of it in almost 68 inches. Swords Planet offers this famous Saruman’s staff presumably white in color that is made of ash wood .It looks exactly the same as the real one which is manipulated in the movie series of Lord Of The Rings.It was known to be used as a tool for writing inscriptions or enchantments on objects like stones and Biblo Baggins door, who played a supporting role in the movie. This product possesses a great white finishing, weighing 1.07 KG with a high-quality stainless steel construction material. It comes along with a free plaque stand ,embossed with beautiful designs for display.

pretty rare!:

This is fairly rare since I could't find him anywhere in any movie package. I ordered it yesterday it should be here soon I can't wait. Though I wonder if it looks like him.

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