"Gil Hibben Raptor"
  • "Gil Hibben Raptor"
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Gil Hibben Raptor

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13 7/8" overall.

8 1/4" stainless blade

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Fluted black ABS grip

Solid metal handguard

pommel plated with mirror

polished "Black Silver."

Black top-grain leather sheath.

More about: Gil Hibben Raptor

The Mortal Combat is a tournament in which this great Mortal Kombat Raptor was used that measures an overall length of about 13 7/8" and was beautifully designed by the master knifemaker Gil Hibben. This Raptor was wielded by Kano who was the leader of the great Black Dragon criminal empire in the Mortal Combat game series. This great Kombat Raptor is featured with an 8 1/4" stainless blade that is a non sharpen and decorative type blade. The handguard is infused with solid metal with mirror plated pommel. This product is a polished “Black Silver'' Raptor that comes along a top-grain black leather sheath for holding the knife. There might be a slight change from the image shown above due to production lot. You can also purchase other related weapons from the Mortal Kombat series like Scorpion Katana