"Onimusha Sword of Oni"
  • "Onimusha Sword of Oni"
  • "Fantasy Onimusha Samurai Sword"

Onimusha Sword of Oni

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39.5" Overall Length

Blade Length 28.5"

440 Stainless Steel Blade

With free display stand

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Onimusha 3 Samurai Sword of Oni Carried by Samanosuke Akechi from the hit video game Onimusha 3, the Sword of Oni is carried by Samanosuke Akechi in his ultimate form. Though Samanosuke is a taciturn man of integrity, he isn't a demon that doesn't fear his cold, masterful skills with a blade. Samanosuke Akechi plays an important role in the Onimusha series. Out of all of the characters he is quite likely the most prestigious. The character along with the style and gameplay of the original Onimusha gained the series-wide popularity and forced it onward to have many sequels. He's quite often seen as one of the greatest heroes. We offer an exact replica of the Samanosuke Akechi Sword having an overall length of 39.5”.The blade is 28.5” and forged with 440 stainless steel. You may also like our Kuna Mashiro Bleach Sword offered at great affordable prices.