Final Fantasy Swords

Final Fantasy Swords are loved by the fans due to its iconic characters in the Fantasy Series. Swords Planet provides the Signature Weapons of those characters that are playing a leading role in the different Video Games. Such as the Buster Swords are weapons that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and have since appeared in several other games in the series. It is Cloud Strife's weapon and was wielded before him by Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley. The gunblades are the weapons of Squall Leonhart and his rival, Seifer Almasy. Keyblades are inscrutable weapons that are heavily featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. Wielded by the main character, Sora, as well as a number of other important characters in the game, the Keyblade is the main part of the battle between Darkness and Light. We will keep on adding more fantasy weapons to this list in the near future. These replicas will make a wonderful gift, addition to a personal collection, or a fancy prop for your cosplay needs. We have also modified many details on the items to make them look more realistic.

Final Fantasy Swords

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Fusion Sword Replica

1 Review(s)
Price $750.00


Material: FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Proportion: 1:1

Total Length: 130cm, 52 inches approx.

Weight: 4 KG

Blazefire Saber Lightning...

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Price $350.00


Weight: ~ 4.50 KG

Overall Length: ~ 115cm

The silver color coating on the blade

Blade Style: Curved with a single sharp edge

Comes with a scabbard and display stand. 

(Actual product may have slight variations from the stock images due to replica. )
"cloud first tsurugi"
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First Tsurugi Sword

5 Review(s)
Price $180.00


Blade Length 43"

Handle Length: 17"

Blade width 8.5" 

Free Display Stand

Weight: 7/10 KG

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Buster Sword Crisis Core

4 Review(s)
Price $175.00


Overall: 45"
Blade Length: 32.5"
Handle Length: 12.5"

Available in Silver and Golden Handle color

Free Rexine Sheath or Display stand (If available)

High-Quality Stainless Steel Solid Construction

Weight: 5.58 KG

Cloud Buster Sword Replica

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Price $155.61


Overall Length: 37"

Blade Length: 25 1/2"

Blade Width: 7"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Guard: 8 1/2"

Full Tang Handle.

Item Weight:~5.0 Kg

Shipping Weight:~ 7.8 Kg

Zack Buster Sword

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Price $149.67


Overall Length: 44.5"

Blade Width: 8.5"

Blade Length: 33"

Comes with free mild Leather Sheath or Display Stand (if available)

Sword Weight:~4.6 Kg