• "Father's Sword"

Conan Father's Sword

149.00 US$
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Overall Length: 38"

Blade Length: 26"

Blade: Suffer no guilt yee who wields this in the name of Crom.

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative Stainless Steel

Handle: Elk Skull Design

Handle Material: Metal Alloy, Metal Mix Foundry ZMAK, Leather Rope

More about: Conan Father's Sword

The Conan Father’s Sword measuring an overall length of about 38 inches is a popular sword, wielded by a  young boy named  Conan in Conan The Barbarian movie series that was launched in 1982, Conan’s parents were killed due to which he became a slave and his tribe was destroyed by Thulsa Doom who was a military commander. This amazing product features a 26 inches lengthy blade that is constructed with 440 stainless carbon steel of high quality. The sword incorporates a firm Elk Skull Designed handle that is beautified with runes, along with the highly detailed guard and pommel. The handle yields great metal alloy, metal mix foundry ZMAK and  Leather Rope material. This amazing Conan’s Father sword comes along with a plaque for display. you can also purchase other high-quality weapons of famous video games leading characters at a reasonable price like Dark Avengers Batman Sword.