100% high quality Oblivion keyblade for sale
  • 100% high quality Oblivion keyblade for sale
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Oblivion keyblade Riku Sword

90.76 US$
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Overall Length: 40"

High-quality Stainless Steel Construction

Handle Wrapped with cord

Accurate painting detail with stencil

Comes with Display Stand

Item Weight:~2kg

More about: Oblivion Keyblade Riku Sword 

oblivion Keyblade Sword with an overall length of  40" is similar to the Kingdom Key in terms of shape weighing 2Kg. Character Riku was the only one who was able to wield the Oblivion Keyblade on its own in the popular Kingdom Hearts video game series- The Key blade has an amazingly detailed painting, beautified with a stencil. In kingdom hearts, this Key blade reminded Sora of many childhood memories with Riko. Sora got this keyblade in a chest. It's token is a dark black Sora’s crown version along with an amazing longer reach. The kingdom hearts oblivion keyblade comprises a  hilt guard formed in two bat-like wings enlarged downward. The Oblivion's blade is hollow and nonsharpened with a chain passing through the gap. The handle is firm, wrapped with fine cord. The blade is constructed with stainless steel material with a shipping weight of about 4.5Kg. It comes along a stand for display. Such characteristics make this Oblivion keyblade Replica distinct from other Keyblades seen in the series. It is a perfect Replica to be hanging on the wall or to present someone as a gift. You can further purchase Fatal Crest Keyblade or Fenrir Keyblade with a payable price.

Best Keyblade!!:

I love my Oblivion keyblade Riku Sword. It's so precise and made to the last detail. I even got updates on its process occasionally. It was hand-delivered to me. A++ Thank you very much!!!

Ravishing Design!!:

Came in just as ordered and looks amazing!! My son loved his new Oblivion Keyblade Riku Sword! Great graduation gift!! I was honestly surprised by the high quality. Love the size and weight of it. This is insane! I can’t believe how cool it is! It feels and looks so legit! I’m in love with it!

Definitely Worth it!!:

"Thank you so much! The quality of this Oblivion Keyblade Riku Sword is amazing and accurate, can’t wait to pair it with my cosplay!! It’s amazing, definitely worth it!! if you are a die-hard fan of Kingdom Hearts you surely owe to buy this!!. It’s full metal exterior and its inner glove is amazing, comfortable, and great looking.

Exemplary Craftsmanship!!:

Absolutely exemplary craftsmanship!!! Got this Oblivion Keyblade Riku Sword today and it's just awesome, the quality feels to be so good, the design is superb, the weight is absolutely balanced, Loved it!!! I’m buying the rest of the swords!!!

Everything is perfect!:

The keyblade is the best I could find, it looks already amazing in the pictures and still...my expectations were surpassed. The material, the details, the size and the colors - everything is perfect!

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