"Botw Hylian Shield replica"
  • "Botw Hylian Shield replica"
  • "Botw Hylian Shield"
  • "Link's Botw Hylian Shield"

Botw Hylian Shield Dark

105.22 US$
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Overall Length: 25"

Weight: 2.84 KG 

Comes With Wall Hanger





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The Link Dark Hylian Shield measuring an overall length of about 25 inches is one of the most iconic and popular shields wielded by Link, the main hero to protect himself against evils in the great Legends of Zelda series. He used a combo of the Dark shield for protection with his Master Sword for attacking. This Shield was related to the Hylian Shield Knights to fight against Ganon. This Dark Shield weighs 2.84 kg that is easily manageable and comfortable for holding, due to its lightweight. This Hylian Shield can be used for cosplays giving an amazing and authentic look. This is the best kind of ornamental piece for home decor that is constructed with high-quality stainless steel and can clutch two swords at a time. It comes along amazing straps attached on the backside of the shield made for pulling it onto the arms providing a firm and comfortable grip for the holder.

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Beautifully Crafted!!:

I buy this Hylian dark Shield for my husband. Absolutely love this shield. A lot heavier than expected. Beautifully crafted and amazing service thank you so much. Highly recommend for those people they want to look like a game character.


We bought this as a gift for my son for his birthday and out of all the cool things we bought him, this was his favorite. It looks incredible in person!

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