one winged angel keyblade,also called the fire and ice keyblade is up for sale
  • one winged angel keyblade,also called the fire and ice keyblade is up for sale
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One Winged Angel Keyblade

180.00 US$
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Material: PVC

Proportion: 1:1

Size: 37"

Weight: 1.0KG

More About: One Winged Angel Keyblade

The One-Winged Angel Key blade appeared in the famous Kingdom Hearts video game series with fire-based attacks. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, this superb blade resembling Sephiroth’s Masamune sword was given as a reward for beating Sephiroth in the great Platinum match. Its key chain's token is finely designed to resemble Sephiroth’s single wing. It is constructed with high-quality Polyvinyl chloride material with a proportion of 1:1. Its overall size is about 37’’, weighing 1.0Kg. The teeth of the blade pretty resemble the spell Meteor. The token is beautifully designed and tied to the hilt with a great red cord making it look much more attractive. This fire and ice look of the key blade is a must add on to your key blade collection. Aspect this one-winged angel keyblade, you can also buy amazing keyblades collection like Ultima Weapon Keyblade.

Extremely Satisfied!!!:

I love this Angel Keyblade. Super cute Sword!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The keyblade is very good quality, it was packaged nicely (and very adorable). Mostly I am happy with how quickly it came. I ordered it on Friday, got it Monday.

Best Purchase!!!:

The One-Winged Angel Keyblade is amazing!!! I'm so happy with my purchase. For anyone who is a final fantasy fan I highly suggest buying your keyblade here! Excellently crafted sturdy with lovely Packaging. Thank you so much SwordPlanet! :D

Highly Recommended!:

I absolutely love this One-Winged Angel Keyblade!!! It’s just what I wanted!!!! Thanks for shipping so quickly!!!:) The keyblade has a great design and is really well made. Would definitely recommend to my friends and all!!. I look like the real hero after buying it! Thank you!

I am so happy with it!:

It came incredibly fast and I am so happy with it. It looks incredible with my chain. This is my symbol for strength.Would definitely order from again.

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