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Way to Dawn Keyblade Replica Kh2

160.00 US$
غير متوفر حالياً


Material: PVC

Proportion: 1:1


Weight: 1.0 KG

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The popular Kingdom Hearts Way to Dawn Keyblade Replica appeared in Kingdom Hearts video game series wielded by Riku who used it throughout the Mark of Mastery Exam. It came into sight when Riku arrived in The  World That Never Was. It is finely crafted with Polyvinyl chloride material, weighing 1.0Kg with the proportion of 1:1. This keyblade is 38" in size. It is beautifully designed making it resemble the Soul Eater along a straight dark angelic wing that makes it very attractive on top of the original blade. It’s token is a  featured Emblem without the spiked bars crossing the token. If you are a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and want to buy way to dawn keyblade replica kh2, you are at the right place. Order now and get it. You can also buy other Keyblades such as One-Winged Angel Keyblade.

Beautifull Keyblade!!!:

Beautiful!!! This amazing Way To Dawn Keyblade shipped and delivered super fast. I’m so in love with it!! It looked just like the real weapon from the game. Thank you for bringing this from my favorite video game!!! Amazingly good!!! Must purchase!

Superb Details!!:

Perfection! It's lightweight and balanced. I love the minor details they put into this amazing Way to Dawn keyblade. I can't wait to use it at my next con! Probably the best thing I own! Thank you!!!

Truely Impressive!!:

Thank you for this great Way to Dawn Keyblade!! Excellent quality and is exactly what I needed to finish the look for my Kingdom Hearts collection wall. I would definitely like to give it more than 5 stars if I could!!! Truly Impressive!!

I love the keyblade! :

The keyblade is very detailed and beautiful.Work was very responsive throughout the shipping process.I love the keyblade!

Love Kingdom Hearts:

Love Kingdom Hearts. When I saw the keyblade i had to order and when I saw how many they had I ordered all of them.

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