8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles!

8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles!

By Jack Riddle

  • Release Date : 2013-02-06
  • Genre : Reference
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8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles! 8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles!

Few Sample Riddles is as follows

#1 Riddle:
"I am no sooner spoken, than broken. What am I?"
#1 Answer: silence

#2 Riddle:
"I have only one foot, but thousands of toes; My one foot stands, but never goes. I have many arms, and they're mighty all; And hundreds of fingers, large and small. From the ends of my fingers my beauty grows. I breathe with my hair, and I drink with my toes. I grow bigger and bigger about the waist, And yet I am always very tight laced. None e'er saw me eat -- I've no mouth to bite; Yet I eat all day in the full sunlight. In the summer with song I shave and quiver, But in winter I fast and groan and shiver." Who am I? -At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald, Chapter XXII

#2 Answer: I am a tree.

#3 Riddle:
"I never was, am always to be, No one ever saw me, nor ever will And yet I am the confidence of all To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball."

#3 Answer: Tommorow

#4 Riddle:
"Oh, what have I done!" yelled the woman, as the phone rang.

#4 Answer: A woman, lonely and despondent, had sat by her phone for months, hoping for a friendly call. Never recieving even one, she jumped out of her her 20th story apartment window-just as the phone rang.

#5 Riddle:
"Railroad lookout for cars" can you spell that without no r's?

#5 Answer: You have to spell THAT T-H-A-T

#6 Riddle:
"The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end, And the end of every place." Hint: It's in front of you right now.

#6 Answer: The Letter "E"


  • Just Bad.

    By steven mcgarry
    This has very few good riddles and the other ones dont make any sense, also 98% of the questions are gramatically incorrect and the words are even spelt wrong, what a stupid author. A 7 year old could do better.
  • Lool

    By Bobtof
    It's not the best in the world
  • mixed

    By sam142
    some were good riddles, many were the same riddle with different factors. the answers are too close to the riddles and i kept reading them by mistake. some of the riddles were abit annoying and more like jokes that were neither funny nor clever. I quite enjoyed the maths riddles apart from the joke ones. its full of incorrect spelling and broken english. But its free so i suppose its got some qualities for its value. but overall id have to say its just a bit weird.
  • Pointless

    By ReviewRihanna
    There's actually about 20 riddles and then he just copy's and pastes them to make it look like there is 8000😂
  • Okay

    By Aaaaa a
    I downloaded this to answer some riddles but by the time I was a quarter through the riddles had not made sence.
  • Atrocious

    By Nibby9
    I downloaded this book in the hope of having some fun guessing some riddles, but oh how I was wrong. Shortly into the book, no more than a few pages in fact, grammar and spelling and any kind of understandable or worthwhile language at all completely disappeared. The riddles were appalling and many just made no sense - I felt like whoever wrote this was having a joke on multiple occasions, for example, at one point the answer to one riddle was that 'chickens had not been invented yet!'. Frankly, this was worse than appalling - if I could give it less that 1 star I most definitely would.