Amsterdam… The Essence

Amsterdam… The Essence

By David Beckett

  • Release Date : 2012-06-16
  • Genre : Europe
  • FIle Size : 848.57 MB
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Amsterdam… The Essence A premium insight into the city's character, enabling you to go beyond tourism and find The Essence™ of Amsterdam.

247 pictures, 28 sound clips and 17 movies make this a unique eBook - as well an incredible introduction to the true essence of one of Europe's great cities. 

Combining his own experience and that of a diverse group of locals, David Beckett tells the story of the city in the words of the people who shape it. 

25 Amsterdammers share their experience of life in Holland's capital - including former Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen; tattooist to the stars Henk Schiffmacher; Hollywood actress Halina Reijn; ‘Mr Ajax’ footballer Sjaak Swart; musical fashion superstars Shirley Hart and Bas Kosters; former prostitute,Mariska Majoor; rapper and artist Def P; and world famous shoe designer Jan Jansen.

Other characters featured are; comedian and columnist Youp Van ‘t Hek; author and editor of Time Out Amsterdam Nina Siegal; street artist Laser 3.14; author of Quiet Amsterdam, Siobhan Wall; head of the Amsterdam Museum, Paul Spies; and gay rights activist and performance artist Fya Hopelezz.


  • Essential essence

    By Jonathan Bygrave
    I find this an extraordinary book - so much so that I'm moved to do something I've never done before and write a review. The author is doing something new and innovative - publishing a book without, as far as I can tell, the support and resources of a major publishing house. It's one thing to do this with a novel but another to do it with a new genre of travel writing. The result, with high-res photos, audio interviews, lots of video and text is something exceptional. The book is made up of around 25 chapters, each one focuses on one person who lives in Amsterdam - a mayor, an ex-prostitute, a shoe designer ... All kinds of people are represented. The author seems to have interviewed each one and got their individual take on the city. It's travel writing but not in any way that I've seen before. Travel writing is a genre that personally I hate so I'm at a bit of a loss to explain why I find this book so impressive and engaging. I think it's because the people the author interviews constitute the city itself. Their likes, loves and regular haunts can become ours. They are Amsterdam and Amsterdam is them. A highlight for me, because all reviews should include a highlight, is the author sitting in a window in the red light district. I'd love to have seen images of passing punters checking him out. Are their any cons? The whole book is huge ... It took quite a while to download. I see the author has now split the book into three parts which makes sense from a size point of view but not necessarily from a content one. I'd recommend clearing a bit of space and downloading the whole thing. In case you are wondering why I spent half an hour on Christmas day writing this review (which to be fair, I am too) I have no connection to the author or anything to gain. I work as a freelance author to but in education rather than travel writing. Ultimately, this kind of publishing projected, executed with such extraordinary high production values by an individual with passion rather than profit as a motive, is something that deserves support.